Saturday, January 15, 2011


PHEWWWWW...its been a while,,while??too long i guess,,havent update this blog..

hahaha,,,mid sem breaks,,11 days only,,tp rasenye cukup dah
lamenye tak update blog...huuuu bersarang doh!!
sokmo kalo nk update blog dok ingt nok amek card reader nok transfer gambo..adeshh..nyanyok sungguh yg update bergambor we'll see,,kalo rajin i update

balik umah,,pes,,jumpe mama abah siblings..
then,,terkam internet,,,then,,
main gitar...mwahkakakakakakkaka
lamenye dok main gitar,,,sakit balik tangan aku...T_____T

another thing,,being at your own house,,
you dont have to pay for your food
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....such a bless...
manhi mogo athirah...once you stepped at kmph again
you'll have tp pay for every single bite you take...hahaha

thats it...done for right now,,,
p/s:im totally having a nice time being a college students..having
new and veryyyyy nice friends new experiences...
i feel so blessed to meet them...^_^


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